Press Release

IDONUS is happy to announce that two of its large size UV LED exposure systems have been successfully delivered and installed beginning of October. The high performance photolithography exposure systems have a high exposure energy, small collimation angle and illumination area of 300mm. They are used by industrial customers located in Sweden and South Korea.
Until recently, mercury arc lamps were the only sources able to provide high intensity UV light suitable for photolithography and other high performance UV applications. However, mercury arc lamps have some disadvantages and risks. Arc lamps have high energy consumption, they require a warm-up time and a daily calibration. Mercury is one of the banned materials of the ROHS regulations, and the risk of explosion is a safety concern. Thanks to technological breakthroughs today's UV LEDs have enough power to replace mercury arc lamps.
UV LEDs have several important advantages. They have a very long lifespan, they have a low energy consumption, and they can be turned ON and OFF instantly. There is no warm-up time required, as well as no daily calibration. The equipment is thus always ready to use.
Other benefits include negligible energy costs and no need of active cooling. The system is thus quasi maintenance free with overall low operation costs, which results in fast return on investment.
IDONUS UV-LED exposure systems are available in various standard configurations that can be customized according to the application requirements Integration into existing Mask Aligners from different equipment manufacturers is also possible. Since the product release last year, over 10 systems were successfully produced and are now used in industrial production in America, Europe and Asia.
IDONUS is an equipment manufacturer company located in “Innoparc Neuchatel” at the heart of the Swiss innovation area. The company has been established in 2004 and is specialized in engineering and manufacturing of specialty equipment aimed for the microengineering or semiconductor industry. As a manufacturer of customized equipment, IDONUS engineering team helps clients to find solutions for challenging tasks and projects. With in-house manufacturing and full process control it results in a great flexibility, outstanding quality and short delivery times.