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UV Sterilization

UV light is used for disinfection of water, surfaces and air since 1878. Wavelength between 200 and 300nm are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids, preventing replication and expression of necessary proteins causing inactivation or death of the organism. Furthermore, studies carried out on SARS-CoV proved that UV irradiation is more effective than heating or other methods to inactivate the virus. A similar response is expected for the current COVID-19 virus, although published data is just now becoming available.

idonus has an extensive experience in designing and manufacturing high-precision UV light exposure systems for micro-fabrication using LED technology. With the advent of the current crisis, we have learnt that a LED light source we are employing (276-286nm) is particularly suitable for sterilization against COVID-19. Our response to the current crisis is to launch development of new products for the given application.

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April 3rd 2020 UV light against COVID-19 – most efficient inactivation method View online View PDF