The microscope is equipped with a long working distance objective. A 3 step zoom allows the user to choose the right field of view and magnification. An IR sensitive camera displays the image of the inspected device via USB on your computer. The resolution is better than 3 µm with a 5x objective.

Additionally, a top side illumination is available. This allows to use the microscope in a conventional mode and to inspect the top side of the wafer. The IR microscope is equipped with a xy-table, which accommodates 8” or smaller wafers. The table is motor driven and can be controlled with a joystick.



The following two images were taken by the infrared light microscope. The first image shows the classical microscope image with top-side illumination. The second image was taken with infrared illumination and visualizes the buried SiO2 between handle and device layer.

Top view of a part of a microstructure fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer. Infrared image of the same area after 60 minutes of HF vapor phase etching. The under-etching of the buried SiO2 becomes visible, which enables the determination of released and non-released parts.


Graphical user interface

A graphical user interface for Windows allows the user to operate the microscope with a PC. It enables complete control of the microscope as well as an automated acquisition of images on a user defined grid on the wafer.