Shadow Mask Aligner

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The shadow mask aligner is designed to accurately align masks with substrates. Using for example a shadow mask permits to do a lithography free thin film deposition. Once the wafer aligned under the mask the two substrates will be clamped in a double chuck. The clamped double chuck with substrates can then be inserted in PVD chamber for evaporation. After the deposition the double chuck will be separated and the substrates can be taken out.



In addition to shadow masking, the idonus mask aligner has a wide range of applications such as:

Shadow masking
Bonding alignment
and more...


Vacuum clamping ability and 3-axis manual alignment make this mask aligner very easy to use.


The aligner has been designed to be used with several wafer sizes and shapes, standard or not. Idonus manufactures the chucks according to your needs.


Combined with a microscope an alignment tolerance of minimum ± 5 µm can be achieved. Idonus proposes his own double image microscope for alignment control. The user can focus and visualize 2 alignment locations at the same time to simplify the alignment process.

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Idonus Mask Aligner contains the essential elements you need to run your alignment process.

Stand alone equipment with removable stage for chuck charging and alignment.
Z-axis for chuck contacting.

Double chuck for wafer and mask handling. Once clamped it is directly used for further processing.

Vacuum controller to command and adjust clamping force on wafer and chucks.


Top and bottom chuck with clamped wafer and mask.


Top chuck with mask is in alignment position, wafer on bottom chuck is ready to be loaded.


Alignment of wafer and mask with the x, y and rotation axis.


After the alignment both chucks are mechanically clamped together.


Unloading of the chucks.


Chucks with substrates are ready for the next process.

Using the Idonus Double Image Microscope enables a precise alignment of +/- 5 µm. The alignment is monitored on a PC by two cameras. The equipment was designed to be combined with our Mask Aligner but can be used as standalone equipment as well.