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About idonus

idonus is a microtechnology company specialized in the design and manufacturing of specialty equipment aimed for the microengineering industry.

Our core competences are:
  • Equipment for MEMS microfabrication and inspection
  • UV LED equipment for photolithography (including retrofits for mask aligners), curing, and other exposures
  • Engineering services & prototyping or small series manufacturing
  • Surface treatment by ion implantation: special machines and services
  • Machine vision and optical solutions

creative engineering and manufacturing

In addition to our product catalogue, we also offer customised solutions to our customers.

When most others decline your requests, idonus can provide you with a solution. This is what is meant with our slogan.

The UV-EXP200S-SYS exposure system with UV-EXP-CU Gen.1. Since 2021, the equipment is delivered with the control unit UV-EXP-CU Gen.2.

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Latest news

Occasionnaly, with the assistance of our engineers, we publish technical newsletters to keep our clients and partners informed about our latest achievements.

[06/2022] — Tutorial video: What is telecentric illumination? Read more

[11/2021] — Improve your photolithography processes thanks to our next generation (Gen. 2) of UV-LED exposure systems. Read more

[02/2021] — How to measure the radiant flux of UV-LED sources. Read more

[12/2020] — Lifting a Managing Director (or other loads) with an XY-table. Read more

[06/2020] — Ultra-high aspect ratio structures obtained with idonus HF Vapor Phase Etcher (VPE). Read more

[04/2020] — UV light against COVID-19: most efficient inactivation method. Read more

[12/2019] — 50% of photolithography exposure will be done by LED in 2023. Read more

[09/2018] — Upgrade to UV-LED technology for increased performance and lower cost of ownership.
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