• Surface treatment by ion implantation (hardion™)

    Our process enables the hardening of parts,
    it can also significantly improve metal resistance to corrosion,
    decrease friction losses, or tune the hydrophilicity of glass,
    to give only a few benefits


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  • Optics and Machine Vision solutions

    From image processing algorithms to optical installations,
    idonus provides partial or full machine vision solutions. 



  • UV-LED Light Source

    For cost efficient photolithography

    • No more consumable
    • No daily calibration
    • Low power consumption


  • Shadow Mask Aligner

    with Double Image Microscope

    Designed to accurately align masks with substrates for a wide range of application such as:

    Shadow Masking

    UV-light Masking


    Bonding Alignment

    and more...


  • HF Vapor Phase Etcher

    • Sticking free MEMS release
    • Structure thinning
    • Dicing fee release of structures on SOI substrates
    • Etch-rate adjustable from 0 to about 30 um/h
    • Single side SiO2 etching (back-side protected during process)



idonus is a microtechnology company specialized in the design and manufacturing of specialty equipment aimed for the microengineering industry.

Our core competences are:

  • MEMS equipment (MicroElectroMechanical Systems)
  • Ion Implantation
  • Machine vision and Optical solutions
  • Photovoltaic equipment
  • Engineering services & prototype or small series manufacturing

Our headquarter is located at the Innoparc in Hauterive, Neuchâtel, Switzerland.