UV-LED photolithography exposure
Modular alignment systems
Infrared (IR) microscope
HF Vapor Phase Etchers
Electrostatic chucks
Wafer chucks for wet processes
Wafer bonding inspection
Chip-to-chip anodic bonder
Other products


The idonus core products are cleanroom equipment for MEMS microfabrication.

On this page, we have classified these products in two categories of equipment:

  • Mask alignment (MAS, DIM ) and photolithography exposure (UV-EXP ), and the combination of both (PLX )
  • Systems for MEMS microfabrication (VPE, E-chuck, WPWC, CCB ) and inspection (IR-M, WBI )

Mask aligner and photolithography

Mask Alignment solutions (MAS )

  • Shadow Mask Aligner
  • Double Image Microscope (DIM )
  • Mask Aligner with DIM (MAS + DIM )

UV-LED Exposure Systems
(UV-EXP series)

A wide range of exposure systems with the UV-EXP series:

  • UV-EXP150R: Ø150 mm exposure area
  • UV-EXP150S: 150 × 150 mm² exposure area
  • UV-EXP200R
  • UV-EXP200S
  • UV-EXP300S

Entry-level product: UV-LAB100R

Hg-vapor lamp retrofitting and customized designs:

  • UV-EXP600S: Very large exposure area 600 × 600 mm² (implies customized design for systemintegration)
  • Retrofitting of Hg-based mask aligners
  • Customized mounting base using standard UV-EXP products
  • Customized design of UV-EXP for other dimensions (e.g., size < 150R)

Photolithography Exposure
(PLX series)

PLX are complete systems combining alignment and UV exposure. The PLX series combines the MAS + DIM with the UV-EXP equipment.

  • PLX150: with a UV-EXP150R or UV-EXP150S
  • PLX200: with a UV-EXP200R or UV-EXP200S

MEMS microfabrication

HF Vapor Phase Etcher (VPE series)

VPE series:

  • VPE100: up to Ø100 mm wafers
  • VPE150
  • VPE200
Other variants and a wide range of accessories

Electrostatic chuck (E-chuck)

Electrostatic clamping of multiple chips or parts of wafers

Wet Process Wafer Chucks (WPWC ) +
Wafer Chuck for Uniform Electrodeposition (WEDC )

Mechanical chucks for wafers chemical etching or for uniform electrodeposition

Chip to chip bonder (CCB )

System for the anodic bonding of dies

MEMS inspection

Infrared Microscope (IR-M )

Microscope with IR sensitive camera

Wafer bonding inspection (WBI )

Inspection of full wafers (e.g., after fusion bonding) by means of Infrared (IR) imaging

Other products

  • Multiple chip vacuum chuck
  • End-of-life (EOF) products are availabe only for clients that had previously purchased these products

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