Electrostatic chucks (E-chucks )

The electrostatic chuck is able to clamp multiple chips as well as parts of a wafer to the wafer holder by electrostatic force.

This device is extremely useful for R&D institutions, where working on complete wafers is not always possible. Electrostatic clamping of chips allows to perform the harsh dicing process of MEMS wafers before the HF vapor release. By modifying the classical fabrication sequence, it becomes possible to produce MEMS devices with extremely soft suspensions.

The usage of the electrostatic chuck is very simple. The chips are placed on the wafer holder and the electric force is turned on by a switch on the controller box. The electrostatic force can be adjusted.

For further details on this equipment, please check the "download" section of the VPE page.

Electrostatic chuck

The electrostatic chuck can be used either for whole wafer clamping of for electrostatic clamping of individual chips.

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